Friday, August 10, 2012

Dura Ace PD-7900 Pedals - First Impressions

A quick update before the weekend. Shimano’s latest pedal offering arrived last season – the new Dura Ace PD-7900 in carbon composite.  Now that we've had our hands on them and they've seen some miles; here's our thoughts. Published weight is 248 grams per pair (124 g. each) which officially enters Shimano into the light-weight pedal game.  
This puts the PD-7900 pedal and cleat within 2 or 3 grams of a Speedplay Stainless Steel pedal and cleat.  In true Shimano style; they have not sacrificed to get there though – in fact it appears that there is actually more pedal surface contacting the cleat and offering a broader support platform for more comfort and efficiency. Riders who have lots of miles on the latest version and the former PD-7810 have commented that the stability seems to have improved with a feeling of a firmer connection to the pedal without negatively effecting freedom of float.
These are sure to be in slim supply for a while (this pair was already sold…had to sneak a photo or two before installing) so get your orders in now!  It seemed to take Shimano a season or so to catch up with demand on the previous generation. However, the trade show season may show an Ultegra version. What do you think?

Yeah, our scale says 250 grams.  Chalk that up to grease on the bearings.  It’s 1 gram per pedal for goodness sake!

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