Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Special Pricing

It is that time of year - the rain has started and cooler days have already come our way. But, don't hang your bike up yet! It's also the best time to get your position dialed in and your maintenance concerns addressed so you hit the road or trail in the spring pain and worry free.

Here's the deals through March 31:
(Click the links for details...)

Keep in mind: these feature all the same benefits as the in-season prices. On-Location fitting w/ video analysis, pick-up, delivery, evening and Saturday service. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Allegro Elite Cycling Welcomes Wahoo Fitness!

Just arrived last night; the Wahoo Fitness RFLKT and BLUE SC. These are test units; I'll be testing and reporting on them (so be watching for my review) and you can schedule an appointment to test yourself and then buy direct from Allegro.

If you are not familiar with Wahoo and their line of products; they create tools which augment and complement the apps that many of us have grown to use and love for tracking our fitness activities using our smart phones. Integrating seamlessly with Strava (my app if choice);the  RFLKT will display your data live from your handlebar while your phone is still safely stowed in your pocket. 

To test the RFLKT and BLUE SC (speed and cadence sensor) yourself; contact me by email ( or call/text me at 971-238-4130 to reserve a date. Your small deposit includes installation and setup/pairing with your iOS device (iPhone, etc) and can be credited to your purchase. 

Purchase pricing also includes delivery, install, and setup. 

Watch here for a through review and details including all Wahoo pricing. 

Enjoy the ride!