I provide professional service with a emphasis on convenience to you. As a Certified Master Fit Technician with over a decade of experience fitting custom and elite-level bicycles; you can be assured that you and your bike will be respected and serviced to the highest standards - yours.  If you are not happy I will fix the problem within reason. Period.

Fitting Services

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Platinum Elite Fitting: $160 + parts* (2 - 3 hours)

  • Includes simple video analysis to check results.
  • Extensive interview to discover your goals, injuries, habits, objectives and comfort issues.
  • A comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation and flexibility assessment follows to discover your unique capabilities and limitations.
  • Detailed on-bike fitting begins with seat height and fore/aft positioning followed by cleat position assessment possible with fore/aft, angular, and rotational adjustment.
  • Handlebar position is assessed in detail and adjusted or recommendations made for height, distance from saddle, rotation, and width.
  • Focus on improving all aspects of rider experience on the bike. Includes a 30 day comfort guarantee + one return visit.

Gold Fitting: $90 + parts* (1.0 hour)

  • Basic flexibility analysis.
  • Rider's on-bike position is measured then assessed.
  • Detailed adjustments to seat height, fore/aft position and handlebar position.
  • Focus on improving rider comfort and efficiency especially over longer distances and greater intensities. Includes a 30 day comfort guarantee + one return visit.

Bicycle Sizing: $50 + parts* (30 minutes)

  • Performed at your location for the ultimate in convenience
  • I'll do as much work as possible in the time allotted to adjust your bike to fit your body better.
  • Continued comfort issues may need a more detailed assessment to get results.

A La Carte Services:

  • Cleat Fitting ($45, includes installation)--Happy with your bike fit, but have new shoes, pedals, and/or cleats? We recommend a cleat fitting to ensure you're not compromising your comfort or efficiency. It's the best thing you can do for your knees!

  • Fit Transfer ($50)--If I have fitted you on one bike, I can do the same on your others! For a similar style bike (road bike to road bike, road bike to cyclo-cross bike, mountain bike to mountain bike, etc.), the Fit Transfer is your answer 

  • Aero Bike Add-on ($50+30 minutes)--Your Time Trial or Triathlon bike has two positions to assess and adjust and we need to have the time to properly create the plan for this position.

The Fine Print:

*Parts are the recommendation of the fitter and there is no obligation to buy. However, refusal of recommended parts may limit the fitter's ability to meet the objectives of the session. Additional labor charges can be expected for more complicated installation procedures of some parts, and will be offered at a discounted rate.

Occasionally, the dimensional or mechanical aspects of a particular bicycle may limit our ability to create the ideal position for a rider. In these cases, the comfort guarantee may be limited to what is safe and mechanically sound as determined by the fitter or a qualified mechanic.

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