Monday, July 1, 2013

Expanded Service Offerings

I am very excited to continue to expand my offerings to my valued clients and Washington County's excellent cycling community. Thanks to all my customers who have contributed to my calculated growth and expansion. Allegro is growing and you have all helped!

Check these new services added:

-Event Support

-Group/Club Presentations and Demonstrations

-Mechanical Training

-Tandem Orientation

     (Tandems are also eligible for tune-ups, overhauls, and fitting. Contact me for pricing.) 

And, as always - don't forget about my Referral Rewards Program. If you know someone who might be interested in any of the above services; send them my way and earn yourself a bonus!

Thanks again to everyone for your loyalty and business. I sincerely appreciate it! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Platinum Custom Assembly - Get the Bike YOU Want

Today's bicycles are amazing and the breadth of options is often overwhelming. Still, with more models available than ever; it seems that sometimes you cannot find exactly the bike you want. A long-time client of mine was faced with exactly that situation - and so we crafted a solution.

And that is exactly why I offer the Platinum Assembly - to allow for custom options in addition to top-quality frame-up assembly.

Richard and I talked for some time before we arrived at a final solution; but much of the hows and whys were already a part of the conversation. We knew we would be taking a carbon road bike and doing a flat-bar conversion because it meets his riding position needs. When we located a bike that met our fitting demands (another area where Richard and I have worked closely for some time) and that met his satisfaction in terms of ride-quality: he pulled the trigger and we went to work.

This project started with a stock Trek Domane 5.2 - as pictured: